FULLGYM, from Sport Performer’s expertise

A complete line of products designed to lubricate, to clean and to sanitize fitness equipment.



From 80 years of expertise in lubricants & special fluids, we bring a complete range of exclusive top quality products for the World of Fitness & Gym equipment.



Our expertise permits us to offer very effective products that combine value for customers with the utmost care for the Environment.



Fullgym products are free from hazardous substances and safe for health, homes & Environment.
They are not flammable.

FULLGYM, the value of specialization

Only specialized products for the fitness world
Lubrication is a fundamental operation to guarantee the endurance of both the rubber belt and the electric engine of any tread mill

The advantages are real

Both at home and at gyms
It improves the running’s comfort and the precision of the console instruments, you save on electricity consumption

Maintenance is important

Absolute safety, guaranteed result
Finally you can lubricate, clean and sanitize your fitness equipment, effectively, easily and absolutely safely in every respect.

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